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How to block unwanted SMS on iPhone

iPhone user always receive unwanted SMS. This pop up iPhone SMS troubles you a lot because you just don't want to open it. It is a waste of time to read the unwanted text message. Even, When you are dating or enjoying movie, you are sick of receive any SMS. Any method to stop and block the iPhone SMS? Of course, there are apps that can stop the unwanted SMS on iPhone. Some of them are free and some of them need to pay.

1. Mcleaner
To block any incoming calls or SMS, You can use Mcleaner, it support “black” and “white” list to reject any calls, and it works on iPhone, S60, UIQ, and Motorola cell phones. So, MCleaner is a firewall software (much like iblacklist and pysl) , which can reject the incoming call and SMS, and offer iPhone users an overall safety solution. You can get this piece of app at http://www.mcleaner.com/, However, you need pay $11.99 to get it. You can have a try of it. Many iPhone user use it to prevent unwanted SMS.

2. iBlacklist
iBlacklist is a useful tool to block SMS and calls for iPhone.

  • SMS blocking/filtering facility;
  • Easiest way to operate and set up. Very intuitive.
  • Unlimited number of contacts per list;
  • Popup removal from lock screen for lost events (Privacy), keeping the sound/vibration notifications;
  • For Blacklists, you can individually set many options like call disconnection type, the event type you want to block/filter from that contact and if that contact is eligible to receive an auto reply sms;

  • 3. Call
    If you're among the throng of Apple iPhone users to refuse to pay $5 for a monthly SMS allowance, then each text message you receive, whether you like it or not, will run you $0.20. On top of that, those AT&T guys are charging 20c off of each incoming text message and it is only because you don’t have a text plan. So the question is, how can you block the incoming text messages, which are not really desired by you? Go ahead, and contact AT&T, and they’ll hook you up to their “Smart Limits for Wireless” package for $5 a month. You will be able to block unwanted messages and “Smart Limits” also means that your child won’t be able to pry in on your iPhone in any way.

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